Motor Vehicle Operator POSITION NUMBER 01-037A

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Posted on February 9, 2024


JOB TITLE: Motor Vehicle Operator POSITION NUMBER 01-037A


Summary of Duties: Operates one or more motor vehicles including platform trucks, van trucks, fuel trucks, dump

trucks, and trash removal trucks which typically have an approximate gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than

26,000 lbs. and up to 32,000 lbs. May operate passenger buses regardless of GVW. Vehicles are usually equipped

with air brakes. Vehicles are driven on the basis of either specific trip assignments or regularly established schedules

over public roads at highway speeds throughout rural or urban areas over Federal, state, and county roads and city

streets in all traffic conditions such as rough terrain, in close quarters and in heavy traffic. Adheres to all state, local

and installation traffic laws and ordinances. May operate vehicles equipped with a power takeoff device for

transferring engine power to special-purpose accessory equipment, such as winches, power lifts, plows, spreaders,

and rear-end compactors. Ensures cargo is protected from weather and is properly distributed and secured to prevent

damage or loss during transit. Performs operator maintenance on all vehicles operated. Complies with applicable

safety requirements. Checks material loaded or delivered against various documents for accountability.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Skills and Knowledge: Skill in operating vehicles that are high, wide, long, heavy, and equipped with air brakes.

Knowledge to make difficult judgments concerning loading and arranging cargo, overhead and side clearances,

turning radius, braking distance, and distance to be maintained from other vehicles. Knowledge to select legal

routes. Ability to back up using side mirrors and hand signals from spotters. Skill in selecting alternate routes to

avoid heavy traffic or other delaying conditions. Ability to read a map and reach unfamiliar locations. Ability to

operate power takeoff devices. Possess or be able to obtain applicable state and/or government driver's license.

Responsibility: Receives instructions from supervisor on the type of vehicle to be operated, destination, cargo or

passengers to be transported, purpose of the trip, deadlines to be met, and any special information. Driving

proficiency is assessed in terms of safe and expeditious completion of assigned jobs. Responsible for selecting

routes and obeying all traffic laws and safety regulations. May personally load or be responsible for overseeing

loading and unloading of bulky, cumbersome cargo.

Physical Effort: Heavy physical effort is required to maneuver long and heavy vehicles, especially when backing

  1. Frequently lifts, merchandise, supplies or equipment weighing 40 lbs.

Working Conditions: Operates vehicles in all types of traffic and weather on public roads.

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