Educational Technician, CY-1702-II

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Educational Technician, CY-1702-II

(Child and Youth Program Leader) 



PD# CYP 13-35 




The purpose of the Child and Youth Program (CYP) Leader is to provide appropriate specialized developmental care and instruction for children and youth ranging in age from 6 weeks to 18 years in one or more CY programs.  This includes the provision of guidance, assistance, and mentoring for the CY

Program Assistants.


The incumbent works under the direction of the supervisor or other qualified higher graded employee, who provides guidance on scope of assignments and assistance on the more complex, nonroutine problems encountered.  Work is reviewed in terms of results achieved and adherence to established standards and procedures.


Routine day-to-day assignments are normally performed independently with technical assistance available from supervisor when required.  Routine assignments are spot-checked; the more technical assignments are closely reviewed for adherence to policies, procedures, and instructions.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of the CYP Leader have been grouped into categories, including mentor, curriculum, indoor and outdoor environment, interactions and relationships, supervision of children and youth, parent and employee communication, assessment, compliance, and additional responsibilities.  Each is described below.




Mentors assigned CY Program Assistant team.


Works with senior employees to provide instruction and training to lower-level employees.


Assists lower-level employees in completing the Standardized

Module Training. 

Assists the Training and Curriculum (T&C) Specialist in helping lower-level CY Program Assistants translate professional development training into practice by mentoring, guiding and role-modeling.


Models appropriate behaviors and techniques for working with children and youth.


Provides suggestions and makes recommendations to credential practicum candidates.


Assists the T&C Specialist with recording observations and charts progress of team members' on-the-job skills.


Consults frequently with the T&C Specialist for guidance on strategies to further assist team members' professional development efforts.




Plans activities for program participants based on observed needs of individual children and youth.  Continually reviews activities and plans for appropriateness.


Works with T&C Specialist, supervisor, and the CY Program Assistants to implement activities and special events that meet the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of children and youth.  Incorporates special instructions provided by parents such as special dietary needs, physical needs, or other information that may affect the child or youth's experience in the program.


Prepares and implements program options for children and youth with special requirements.  Assists children and youth with special projects, homework, and life skills.


Recommends to the T&C Specialist and CY Program Assistants changes and adjustments to activities and plans where necessary to meet unusual situations.


Sets up displays and bulletin boards.


Arranges for and/or serves appropriate snacks or meals where applicable.


Indoor and Outdoor Environment


Works with team members to prepare, arrange, and maintain indoor and outdoor activity areas and materials to accommodate daily schedules.  Makes suggestions about improvements to the activity areas.


Inventories equipment on a recurring basis and recommends replenishing damaged, missing, and depleted supplies.


Secures supplies, equipment, and facilities.


Interactions and Relationships


Encourages participant interest and establishes a program setting that promotes positive interactions with other children, youth, and adults.


Interacts with children and youth using approved child guidance and youth development techniques.  

Supervision of Children and Youth


Provides care and supervision, oversight, and accountability for program participants in compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD), NAF Component, and local installation command policies, guidance, and standards.


Maintains control of and accounts for the whereabouts and safety of children and youth. Ensures children and youth (as applicable) depart with authorized person according to written parental instructions.


Oversees arrival and departure of children and youth.


Supervises children and youth during daily schedule of indoor and outdoor activities and on field trips, outings, and special events.


Observes program participants for signs that may indicate illness, abuse, or neglect and reports as directed.  Incumbent is a mandatory reporter to Family Advocacy and Child

Protective Services as prescribed by local policy in the case of suspected incidences of child abuse and neglect.


Parent and Employee Communication


Interacts professionally with employees, parents, and local installation command personnel.


Participates in conferences with parents, employees, school representatives, and local installation command personnel. Briefs other employees and parents.


Plans and conducts activities for parents in order to encourage parents to become involved.




Observes children and youth and documents developmental progression and/or concerns and uses the information in planning.


Assists CY Program Assistants with assessment tasks when needed.


Participates in program evaluation using designated instruments such as programmatic rating scales, risk assessment tools (as required), self-inspection materials, and national accreditation tools.  



Ensures assigned area achieves and maintains standards for DoD certification and national accreditation or equivalent.


Ensures compliance with law, policies, and regulations applicable to DoD CY programs.


Additional Responsibilities


Collects, maintains, and reports program participation data.


Performs other related duties as assigned.


Classification Factors


Factor 1. Knowledge Required by the Position


Knowledge of developmentally appropriate programs designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of children and youth from 6 weeks to 18 years of age.


Knowledge of child and youth development principles, practices, and techniques. 

Skills to apply Federal and State laws governing the detection and prevention of child abuse and/or neglect.


Skill in understanding interests and motivation of individuals and groups in a CYP environment.


Skill in program planning, organizing, and employee scheduling.


Skills to provide leadership, mentoring, and guidance to CY



Ability to identify and respond to emergency situations. Ability to train employees on variety of issues to include recognition and identification of childhood illnesses and child abuse, etc.


Ability to develop curriculum outlines and lesson plans/guides.


Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing and possess strong interpersonal skills. 

Factor 2. Supervisory Controls


Incumbent works under general supervision of CYP Director or designated supervisor.  Assistance and guidance are available, but incumbent has a great deal of flexibility in selecting, altering, and improving activities.  Incumbent is expected to use initiative and creativity in accomplishing goals and objectives.  Consults with the CYP Director or T&C Specialist when unusual situations are encountered.  Work is reviewed in terms of results and adherence to established standards and procedures.


Factor 3. Guidelines


Operational guidelines include, but are not limited to, the Military Child Care Act (MCCA), DODINST 6060.2, OPNAVlNST 1700.9 series, NAVMED P-501O, Standard Operating Procedures, and all other applicable instructions and regulations and generally accepted standards of the profession. Other guidelines include the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards, Council on Accreditation (COA) standards, National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) standards, and the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) and 4-H curricula.  The incumbent implements program policies, regulations, standards, and procedures to ensure the timely implementation of program goals and objectives.



Factor 4. Complexity


The work includes numerous different and unrelated processes, methods and procedures concerning the wide variety of activities in a CYP.  The developmental activities are conducted throughout the year.  The nature of the programs offered are such that regular employee planning sessions must be conducted by incumbent to decide what activities are to be scheduled, how they are to be coordinated between groups, what resources are needed, etc.


Incumbent works and guides employees toward achieving or retaining DoD Certification and accreditation.  The incumbent must provide input to the CYP Director and the T&C Specialist who develop and refine methods and techniques to continually improve services.


Factor 5. Scope and Effect


The primary purpose of the position is to provide leadership, assistance, and mentoring for CY Program Assistants and to contribute to the efficient operation and administration of the program(s) and related activities.  This contributes to the emotional wellbeing and morale of the military and civilian personnel whose children and youth attend the CY program. 

Factor 6. Personal Contacts


Personal contacts are with the CYP Director, T&C Specialist, children and youth, their parents, employees, and base civilian and military personnel.  The incumbent has other contacts with members of the general public, individually or in groups, members of national and local child and youth organizations, school officials and representatives of local child and youth organizations, and representatives of local civic volunteer groups.


Factor 7. Purpose of Contacts


Contacts with children and youth and their parents are to determine their needs in order to provide and maintain a safe, developmentally appropriate environment.  Contacts with employees are to keep apprised of goals and objectives and to mentor, assist and train CY Program Assistants.  Contacts with the military community and agencies are to coordinate available activities for the children and youth.  Incumbent is a main liaison between CYP Director and CY Program Assistants and is at times a representative before parent groups, the general public, and local civic volunteer groups.


Factor 8. Physical Demands


The incumbent is required to do considerable walking, standing, bending, stooping, standing, and lifting up to 40 pounds.  Activities may require incumbent to drive an automobile (to include driving a government vehicle while transporting children).  However, most of the work is done in classroom settings or activity areas, and no special, physical demands are made upon the incumbent.


Factor 9. Work Environment


The work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of a wide variety of child and youth activities, programs and services, such as exposure to disease and injuries from lifting.  Activities are conducted in a building or outside and are suitable for CY programs.  The work area is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated.  The incumbent may be required to work an uncommon tour of duty, including evening and weekend work.




Position is subject to special inoculation and immunization requirements as a condition of employment for working with children.  Employee is required to obtain appropriate immunization against communicable diseases in accordance with recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization

Practices (ACIP), which includes the influenza vaccine.


Test Designated Position:  In accordance with the Department of the Navy Test Designated Position listing issued 7 October 2003 this position is subject to both pre-employment and random drug testing as a condition of employment.  A positive drug test, or failure to submit for testing, may become the basis for removal from this position.


Must obtain appropriate credentials as required.


Must pass a pre-employment physical, provide evidence of immunization and be free from communicable disease.


Must satisfactorily complete all background checks in accordance with PL 101-647 to include National Agency Check with Written

Inquiries (NACI).


Must satisfactorily obtain or complete required training certificates and maintain certifications or credentials required by federal, state or National Accreditation institutions utilized as part of DOD’s Child and Youth Programs.  




In accordance with DoDI 6060.2, must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent.


The Military Child Care Act requires national accreditation of

CY programs. Minimum education requirements are required by the accrediting body.


Incumbents must have one of the following: 


Completion of DoN Standardized Module Training AND 12-Months DOD standardized training courses and 1 year of (9-23-18 rl) experience at the CY-II (GSE-04) Level.




A Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or Military

School-Age (MSA) credential AND completion of 1 year at the CY

Program Assistant/Base Level 4 where incumbent displayed knowledge of and competency in developmentally appropriate programming for children and youth.




A minimum of a 2-year degree in Youth Development, Child

Development or a related field, which can include Recreation,

Youth Recreation, Physical Education, Elementary Education,

Secondary Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychology,

Social Work, Home Economics with an emphasis in Human

Development, or other degrees as appropriate and 1 year at the CY Program Assistant/Base Level 4 where incumbent displayed knowledge of and competency in developmentally appropriate programming for children and youth. (9/23/18 rl)



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